Monday, 24 June 2013

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I love being busy in the kitchen especially at weekends. Through the week there is not enough time to cook special things but I dream about what I will make for friends when the working-week ends. Cooking for me is relaxing and I enjoy sharing food with my friends.
On Saturday mornings, when I have finished my chores, I visit the local market to buy the freshest possible ingredients for my weekend meals. I buy seasonal produce and utilise them in my food creations.
My kitchen always has a stock of good basic ingredients so that I have the foundation for most dishes. I also have a wide range of herbs and spices which amuse my friends as I am forever experimenting with new ingredients and recipes.
For me, cooking for my friends and sharing food and wine with them is a special
occasion. I pull out all the stops, and give them something different and delicious.
One of my specialities is Indonesia cuisine which I believe is the most delicious in the world. This Asian food involves using chillies, fresh are best and I always wear cotton gloves when I handle them to prevent skin irritation. The smell of them simmering in the pan when I make Sambal Oelek evokes my visits to Bali.
Cooking is my creative outlet and I present the food in as authentic a way as I can. With Indonesian meat, fish and vegetarian dishes I serve rice and a variety of sambals. I vary the sambals from mild to very hot. The very hot and spicy are my favourites. A cooling accompaniment is Cucumber Relish. In summer when cucumbers and mint are plentiful I make enough to fill a jar and serve it with salads and sandwiches.
I have fun making pasta. A pasta-machine I bought on holiday recently is frequently used and it pleases me that it is easy to handle. While on holiday in Tuscany I collected many recipes and I surprise my friends with authentic Italian heartland food. Tuscan cooks seem to favour spaghetti over other pasta shapes, I think it may have something to do with their aesthetic sense, there is something very visually satisfying about a plate of steaming pasta.
My friends love to eat Spaghetti Della Notte Di San Giovanni, Spaghetti on the eve of St John. It is a simple dish with a fiery sauce.
I have a Bergundian love of good food and wine. With Indonesian food there is nothing better than an ice-cold Indonesian beer. Chianti Classico pairs with well rich Italian food. Have fun cooking, experimenting and enjoy sharing with your friends.

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