Monday, 24 June 2013

Why I Am in Love with My Pick-up Van

A lot of people do not understand. They just cannot understand why Huub Teesing has been driving the same car for the past ten years. Now, in case you are wondering who this Mr. Huub Teesing is, I have to admit that I am the person. I am a successful bloke in my mid-fifties and I can afford to buy some of the best driving machines out there. The problem (for some people) is that I have refused to trade in my old pick-up van for a sophisticated vehicle. What a lot of people do not understand is that the vehicle I drive holds special memories for me.

I graduated from the university of Manchester at the ripe old age of 32. I got a job in a computer manufacturing firm the next year and spent the next twelve years paying my dues and climbing the corporate ladder. At age 45, I resigned my appointment, cashed in my benefits and set up my own company. I sell mobile phones and computers and I make a decent living most of the time. In fact, things are so good that I can afford to park a jeep in my garage but for some sentimental reasons, I have chosen to keep driving my good old Isuzu pick-up van.

You see, I am a smart man and I obey my wife. She has made me promise that I will never sell "our Isuzu" and this is one promise I intend to keep. It was even because of this vehicle that I met my wife in the first place. I remember the incident as if it happened yesterday. It had just stopped raining and I was rushing to deliver computers to my best customer. I did not notice the beautiful young lady until I had splashed her with rain water. To cut this interesting story short, I apologised to the lady and drove her to her destination. I also got her phone number. Things developed from there and today, we are happily married.

Apart from the romantic angle, my Isuzu is a very valuable vehicle. It is my basic source of mobility and it is a very rugged product. I use this driving machine to deliver mobile phones, computers and other accessories to my clients. My wife borrows the Isuzu sometimes because it is the perfect vehicle for shopping. Just think, you can load all the groceries in this vehicle and there will be space for more items.

As you can see, I have great reasons for my loyalty to this vehicle but there are other reasons. I am a pragmatic person by nature. I do not believe in changing a winning formula. My car is doing me a lot of good so I have no reason to buy another one.

Finally, Sam Walton of Wal-Mart is my hero. He drove a pick-up van for most of his life and this is why I have decided to emulate this smart and very successful man.

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